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The Laser Cutting Company Goes Green with Large-Scale Solar Panel Initiative

Sheffield-Based Business Aims to Enhance Environmental Sustainability and Control Operational Costs.

Sheffield, UK - Established in 1981, The Laser Cutting Company, a leading provider of bespoke laser cutting and metal profiling services in the UK, has announced a significant green initiative that marks a milestone in their four-decade-long legacy.

In partnership with its sister company, Charles Day, the company is set to install a substantial number of solar panels across both of its sites, aligning its commitment to environmental sustainability and operational efficiency.

Rooted in the Sheffield community, The Laser Cutting Company has consistently striven to enhance its products and services for the benefit of both customers and the environment. Sheffield is renowned as the greenest city in the UK, and the company is determined to uphold and contribute to this reputation.

The new initiative, scheduled for full installation in May, involves the placement of an impressive 496 solar panels, covering approximately 20,000 square feet of roofing across the company's facility. Each solar panel is capable of generating up to 203kWp of power, emphasising the substantial impact of this environmentally-conscious decision.

Operations director, James Day, and sales and business development director, Charlie Day, made the decision to embark on this green journey to not only enhance the company's environmental responsibility but also to gain better control over operational costs, with the intention of passing these savings onto customers.

James Day explained, "It makes perfect sense to put our roof to good use and harness solar power, not just from an environmental point of view, but a cost control one as well. By investing in solar panels, we gain better control of our operational costs while significantly reducing our environmental impact."

This investment is not only about harnessing clean energy but also about aligning with environmentally friendly codes and practices. The Laser Cutting Company is working towards attaining ISO 14001 accreditation, an environmental guidance system that signifies a strong commitment to eco-friendly operations. They are aiming to achieve this accreditation this year, demonstrating their dedication to sustainable business practices.

The Laser Cutting Company offers a range of high-quality, customer-focused subcontract laser cutting services, including cutting square and round hollow section tube, structural open sections, beams, and flat/bent metal components throughout the UK.

Additionally, the company provides bending, welding, and sub-assembly capabilities under the same roof, with the support of a vast partner network offering services such as shot blasting, plating, and powder coating.

The installation of these solar panels represents a significant step forward for The Laser Cutting Company, underlining their commitment to both environmental sustainability and cost-effective operations.

As the project moves closer to completion, the company's positive impact on the environment and its dedication to customer-focused services continue to set an example for businesses in the region and beyond.

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