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Twickenham Stadium Achieves Gold ECOsmart Accreditation to Add to ISO 14001

Home of England Rugby Recognised for Leading Sustainable Initiatives, Sets New Benchmark.

Twickenham Stadium, renowned as the heart of England's rugby legacy, has been bestowed with the prestigious Gold ECOsmart accreditation by Greengage, further cementing its dedication to environmental sustainability.

This recognition adds to a series of commendable endorsements, including BS20121 and ISO14001, aligning with the stadium's ambitious aim to achieve net-zero status.

The stadium's laudable efforts in promoting sustainable event food practices have been a key highlight, notably through its robust 'zero waste to landfill policy' that has remained steadfast for the past eight years.

An impressive 95% of the venue's food is meticulously prepared and cooked onsite, using a minimum of 80% locally sourced British ingredients, while all cooking oil is efficiently recycled.

Andrew Perolls, CEO of Greengage, expressed admiration for Twickenham Stadium's commitment, stating, “They are a business that is continually reviewing what they are doing with regards to sustainability and challenging themselves internally.

"They are also a sharing business and have taken great steps to pass on what they learn to other businesses; this is an important part of us all striving for an even more sustainable industry,” he said.

This recognition solidifies Twickenham Stadium's position as a frontrunner in the global sustainability landscape, setting new benchmarks and inspiring a more eco-conscious approach within the sports and events industry.

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